11th December – No show

Hello everyone

Apologies there is no podcast today.

The program was not broadcast for a number of reasons, the main one being, now don’t laugh,  my garage door jammed shut and could not be opened, so I was unable to get the car out of the garage and drive to the studio.

I frantically tried to cobble all the interviews and talks together at home and send it as an MP4 file.  Which would have worked except the computer at the studio only accepts MP3 files.

An attempt to convert it gave me palpitations at this stage and when I finally managed to send it through, the computer at the studio would not accept that either.  AARgh!

Okay, so now I’m very flustered trying to get the program broadcast at any time today.  In the end sanity prevailed and I decided that this week’s program would just have to be broadcast as next week’s program.

As this will be the last live show for the year, I hope to be able to get it to you on time and in the right format. During the summer break I will be playing podcasts from around the globe.

Stay tuned…




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